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Rosy Petri

rosy petri is a multidisciplinary artist from milwaukee, wisconsin. her passions for social justice, art, and storytelling have allowed her to travel the country for various projects. from these adventures, she pieces together written and auditory narratives as well as visual art to create shared experiences of bearing witness to humans being. in the last few years, rosy has lived in some interesting places, including a farm in dodge county, a catholic worker hospitality house on the south side of chicago, and a franciscan friary and interfaith arts center in detroit. she currently lives in the harambee neighborhood of milwaukee with her husband, son, and dog

Paradise Home

paradise home is about more than stuff: it's about community, culture, process, and expression. it's also about making beautiful objects that reflect the dignity of the human spirit. i believe in social justice and visibility, beauty, and the celebration of our collective and individual experiences.

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