The Revolutionary

Upcoming Shows and Events

July 17-21 2019

National African American Quilt Convention Exhibition, Black Archive of Mid-America (Kansas City, MO)



May 4-June 2 2019

39th Annual Secura Fine Arts Exhibition, Trout Museum of Art (Appleton, WI)

February-March 2019

MARN Mentor/Mentee Exhibition, Redline Gallery (Milwaukee, WI)

November 17th, 2018

5 Points art Gallery and Studios grand opening + Revive Exhibition, 2pm to 6 Pm (Milwaukee, WI)

October 2018- January 2019

David Barnett Gallery 1SW INAuguration Featured Artist (Milwaukee, WI)

JUNE 30th, 2018

(UN)INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY: A day of RETREAT FOR Women of color, LGBTQ, And Accomplices, 10am to 10pm (Theresa, WI)